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Parma Nölé 3

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* "Trivia Answers"
* "Trivia Answers"
{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Parma Nölé'' 3}}
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Parma Nole 03}}
[[Category:Parma Nölé issues]]
[[Category:Parma Nölé]]

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Parma Nölé 3 is the third issue of the North East Tolkien Society journal Parma Nölé.

[edit] Contents

  • Anthony S. Burdge: "Chairman's and Editor's notes"
  • "Exclusive Interview with Clay Harper"
  • Anthony S. Burdge: "Field Report"
  • "Tolkien's Perfect World"
  • W.H. Auden: "The Hero Is A Hobbit" (reprint)
  • "List of New and Upcoming Books"
  • Roseane Daniello: "Member's Forum"
  • "New WETA/Sideshow Figurines"
  • "Sir Ian McKellan at Barnes & Noble"
  • "Middle Earth Trivia"
  • "Trivia Answers"