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Parma Nölé 4

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Parma Nölé 1 is the fourth issue of the North East Tolkien Society journal, issued October 2002.


  • Letters from the Fellowship Staff
  • Q&A with Professor Verlyn Flieger
  • Tracing the Epic by Anthony Burdge
  • What is Tolkien's Mythology? by Anthony Burdge
  • Musings on Myth by Jessica Burke
  • Sideshow Weta/Heren Istarion presentation: Billy Boyd by Anthony Burdge
  • Sideshow Weta/Heren Istarion presentation: Viggo Mortensen by Jessica Burke
  • The Importance of Being Pippin by G.A. Ramos
  • New Edition of The Hobbit!
  • Diary of a Hobbit by Jessica Burke
  • Staff Biographies