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Parma Nölé 8

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[[Category:Parma Nölé issues]]
[[Category:Parma Nölé issues]]

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Parma Nölé 8 is the eighth issue of the North East Tolkien Society journal, issued February 2001.


  • Letters from the Chairman and Co-chair of the Heren Istarion
  • The Bilbo and Frodo Birthday Celebration September 2003 Coverage by Pippin Skywalker
  • Birthday report from Thaddeus winner of the United Cutlery Sting Raffle
  • Birthday Party Cooking Contest Winning Entry Recipe : "The Eleventy-first Birthday Cake" by Amy Hitotsubashi
  • Poetry and Art Corner: Emily Newhouse and Constance Shuchardt
  • Unsung Heroes by Sabrina Jackson
  • An Interview with Glass Hammer conducted by Amy Sturgis
  • An Interview with Jane Chance
  • Games Workshop Product Spotlight: A Review of the Return of the King set by Anthony S Burdge
  • Cover & Pg. 8, Art: Pellenor Fields by Catherine Sparsidis, Heren Istarion Chief Artist