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Parth Galen

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Parth Galen was a green lawn above the Falls of Rauros at the feet of Amon Hen. Parth Galen was on the western shore of Nen Hithoel near the southern end. It was a fair, green sward and its grass was watered by a small spring.

On February 25, 3019, T.A. the Fellowship camps at Parth Galen. The next day, the Fellowship is broken. Frodo goes into the woods alone to decide which way to go while Boromir quietly follows. When the others notice, it is too late. Boromir has spooked Frodo by demanding he give him the One Ring so that he may save his people (those of Gondor). Merry and Pippin run off to find him but are captured by a group of Uruk-hai and orcs, including Grishnakh and Uglúk. Boromir is slain defending them. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli bring Boromir's body to Parth Galen. They prepare his body, placing it in a boat with the Horn of Gondor, his sword and the weapons of his slain enemies. They then set the boat adrift on the lake of Nen Hithoel and it goes over the Falls of Rauros; they then leave Parth Galen in pursuit of Merry and Pippin. Sam had caught up to Frodo at Parth Galen and they set out together across Nen Hithoel to begin their journey to Mordor. At first Frodo had stood on the shores of the lake at Parth Galen preparing to go the rest of the journey alone.


Parth Galen means "Green Sward" in Sindarin (sward meaning a large open expanse of lawn). Parth means "field, enclosed grassland" related to path meaning "level space, sward." Galen (or calen) means "green."