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Letter to Pauline Baynes

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Pauline Baynes 4 June 1949 is a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Pauline Baynes, composed on June 4th, 1949. It was written following the completion of Tolkien's manuscript of The Lord of the Rings. The letter comes from a collection of the Swiss lawyer Albin Schram. When he died in 2005, he left behind an extraordinary collection of letters by some of Western civilisation's greatest minds.

  • Authencity: High
  • Publication: This excerpt was published in the article The greatest letters ever written (unknown author/editor) on 27 June 2007, in the online edition of The Independent.


I ought to have written to you before to tell you of the great pleasure that your drawings in illustration of "Farmer Giles" have given me. My friends, very justly, said after seeing them that they had reduced the text to a commentary on the pictures. I am hoping soon to get some larger works published, and in a more ample fashion; and if so, I hope you might be interested, or at least have time to consider them. One, a long romance in sequel to The Hobbit, is finished after some years of work, and is being typed. It is held up at the moment, since I am immersed in examinations and other weary business; but when it's done, I wonder if I could prevail on you to glance at it.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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