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Pelargir was a great harbour city in southern Gondor.

Pelargir was the chief city of the region of Lebennin, built where the river Sirith joined with the Great River. It was the primary port of Gondor. The name means "garth of royal ships" in Sindarin.

Pelargir was one of the oldest cities in Gondor, founded by the Faithful Númenóreans in the year 2350 of the Second Age. During the Third Age, it was under continual threat from the Southrons and the Corsairs of Umbar.

During the Kin-strife, the rebel followers of Castamir retreated there after his death, led by his sons. At Pelargir they fought a lengthy siege against the rightful King of Gondor, before fleeing to Umbar.

During the War of the Ring, Pelargir was besieged by the Black Ships of the Corsairs, but was liberated by Aragorn and the Army of the Dead.