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'''Perhael''' is [[Sindarin]] for <b>[[Samwise]]</b> and is used in the below quote from [[The Return of the King]].
'''Perhael''' was a [[Sindarin]] name, meaning "half-wise".<ref>{{PE|17}}, p. 102</ref>, that [[Aragorn|Aragorn II]] used for [[Samwise Gamgee]].<ref>{{RK|Cormallen}}</ref><ref>{{HM|SD}}, p. 129</ref>  The name was a translation of the [[Westron]] name ''[[Banazîr]]''.{{fact}}
From the [[Sindarin]] root ''[[per-]]'' "half" and ''[[sael]]'' meaning "wise".{{fact}}
:''Daur a Berhael, Conin en Annûn, eglerio!''
==Other forms==
:Frodo and Sam, princes of the west, glorify (them)!
*Berhael: [[lenition|lenited]] form in the phrase ''[[Taur|Daur]] [[a]] '''Berhael''', [[caun|Conin]] [[en]] [[Annûn]], [[egleria-|eglerio]]!''<ref>{{L|211}}, footnote</ref>
Here the name is in form <b>Berhael</b> due to the <i>soft lenition</i> which changes <i>p</i> > <i>b</i> after the particle <i>a</i> closely connected to the name (see, e.g. <i>Letters</i>, p. 279, footnote [Letter 211]).
*[[Westron]] ''[[Banazîr]]''
[[Category:Sindarin words]]
==See also==
[[Category:Sindarin names]]
[[de:Samweis Gamdschie#Namen_und_Titel]]

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Perhael was a Sindarin name, meaning "half-wise".[1], that Aragorn II used for Samwise Gamgee.[2][3] The name was a translation of the Westron name Banazîr.[source?]

[edit] Etymology

From the Sindarin root per- "half" and sael meaning "wise".[source?]

[edit] Other forms

[edit] Cognates

[edit] See also


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