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Perhael 'half-wise, simple' is Sindarin for Samwise and is used in the below quote from The Return of the King:

Daur a Berhael, Conin en Annûn, eglerio!
Frodo and Sam, princes of the west, glorify (them)!

Here the name is in form Berhael due to the soft lenition which changes p > b after the particle a closely connected to the name (see, e.g. Letters, p. 279, footnote [Letter 211]).

The name also appears in the King's Letter (Sauron's Defeat, p. 128 cf. p. 126):

Cherdir Perhael (i sennui Panthael estathar aen)
Master Samwise (who should be called Fullwise)

See also: Letters, p. 308 [Letter 230]; Thorsten Renk: Mutations in Sindarin, Part II - Grammatical (G)-mutations.