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Pete Fenlon

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Pete Fenlon
Biographical information
EducationHistory, Anthropology, Law
LocationCharlottesville, VA

Peter C. Fenlon, Jr. (1955-) is an American table-top game designer/author and illustrator. He was the former president and one of the founders of Iron Crown Enterprises, and contributed extensively to the Middle-earth Role Playing game.

In the late 1990s, Pete Fenlon and Coleman Charlton, his long-time colleague from ICE, joined the Mayfair Game company.[1]


The Fenlon Style

As an illustrator, Fenlon is especially known for his maps of Middle-earth. These were a large-scale map of the continent of Middle-earth (first released in 1982 as An Artist's Interpretation of Middle Earth) and several smaller-scale maps of different regions of Middle-earth (most of whom were printed in Northwestern Middle-earth Map Set). The smaller-scale maps were often included as separate color fold-outs with the MERP 1st Ed. modules. With MERP 2nd Ed., no new maps were released.

Fenlon's maps have continued to have an explicit influence on later Middle-earth gaming cartographers (e.g., Thomas Morwinsky and Sampsa Rydman), and his continental map has been discussed and revised in the magazines Other Hands[2] and Other Minds[3].

File:Cart annual 2 fenlon.jpg
Pete Fenlon style pack

The characteristical maps of Fenlon have even created an expression known as 'Fenlon Style maps'. In January 2008, the Cartographer's Annual released a Pete Fenlon style pack for use with ProFantasy Software cartography tools.[4]


Selected bibliography of works concerned with the legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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