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Pete Fenlon

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Pete Fenlon
Biographical information
EducationHistory, Anthropology, Law
LocationCharlottesville, VA

Peter C. Fenlon, Jr. (1955-) is an American role-playing game designer/author and illustrator. He was the former president and one of the founders of Iron Crown Enterprises, and contributed extensively to the Middle-earth Role Playing game.


The Fenlon Style

As an illustrator, Fenlon is especially known for his maps of Middle-earth. These were a large-scale map of the continent of Middle-earth (first released in 1982 as An Artist's Interpretation of Middle Earth) and several smaller-scale maps of different regions of Middle-earth (most of whom were printed in Northwestern Middle-earth Map Set). The smaller-scale maps were often included as separate color fold-outs with the MERP 1st Ed. modules. With MERP 2nd Ed., no new maps were released.

His characteristical maps have created an expression known as 'Fenlon Style maps'. In January 2008, the Cartographer's Annual (Vol. 2) released a Pete Fenlon style pack for use with ProFantasy Software cartography tools.[1]


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