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Peter Roe

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"In 1979 a young and very talented person joined the Society shortly after his 16th birthday. He had discovered Middle-earth some time earlier, and was so inspired by it that he even developed his own system of runes, similar to the Dwarvish Angerthas, but which utilised logical sound values, matching the logical shapes of the runes. Peter was also an accomplished cartographer, and his bedroom was covered with multi-coloured maps of the journeys of the Fellowship, plans of Middle-earth, and other drawings.

As if this was not enough, Peter was also a creative writer in both poetry and prose - the subject being incorporated into his own Dwarvish Chronicles. He was so enthusiastic about having joined the Society that he had written a letter ordering all the available back issues, and was on his way to buy envelopes when he was hit by a speeding lorry outside his home and he died instantly.
Tolkien Society

A short time later the Tolkien Society created The Peter Roe Memorial Fund.