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Revision as of 21:30, 1 April 2007 by Hyarion (Talk | contribs)

I really don't know about this portal. It's lacking something. What do you think needs to be added? The colors (and chosen image) make it look a little cartoonish, so I think I should probably change those. But what colors do you think would be more appropriate? --Narfil Palùrfalas 17:15, 1 April 2007 (EDT)

I don't like the colors of the portals so I'm working on changing the colors, if you have any ideas feel free to change it. Using the image as a thumbnail looks ugly as well so I'll take off the "thumb" parameter so it doesn't have that white border. Feel free to change the image, I just thought an image of a bunch of characters seemed to suit more than just one. This site has some good color schemes but you have to pay to use the program. However I think with Photoshop I can print the screen of the webpage and use that tool to choose the colors from it. --Hyarion 17:30, 1 April 2007 (EDT)