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The ancestors of the Haladin moved from Hildórien to the West. During their migration they joined the Drúedain near the White Mountains and stayed with them on friendly terms.

When the core of their team was pressed to wander on, some Drúedain accompanied them northwards[1], passing through the Gap of Calenardhon. Many stayed behind because of the dense forest covering the Minhiriath and the western half of Enedwaith between the Greyflood and the Isen and became herd-tenders. Their descendants were peoples in the forests of the shore-lands south of the Blue Mountains, especially in Minhiriath[2]

Their kin of the White Mountains apparently were later driven off (from the most part) by Men of Darkness during the Dark Years, removed to the southern dales of the Misty Mountains and thence some passed into the empty lands until the Barrow-downs, from whom came the Men of Bree.[3]

At the end of the First Age they had spread from Umbar through the White Mountains to Methedras and Dunland, across Enedwaith and Minhiriath and as far North as Cardolan (up to the line from Sarn Ford to the junction of Gwathló and Mitheithel.

Second Age

The pre-Númenóreans in the White Mountains (between future Pelargir and the Gulf of Lune had refused to join in the rebellion against the ValarCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag and Edhellond, a small settlement of Elves at the mouth of the confluence of Morthond and Rínglo[4] built near a primitive harbour of Pre-Númenórean fisherfolk who fled into the White Mountains in fear of the Eldar[5]

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