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Letter to Przemyslaw Mroczkowski (17 November 1957)

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Przemyslaw Mroczkowski 19 November 1957 is a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Professor Przemyslaw Mroczkowski, written on 19 November 1957.[1]

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[Description and excerpt:] "My wife and I are very gratified for your invitation [from] you and your wife. I would, of course, but for the thought of the trouble we should be giving, be far more pleasant to have lunch chez vous." "I am dreadfully sorry that we cannot manage this Tuesday; but I do hope that you will find a chance to ask us again! (If I go to America at all, I will not be until the middle of March at the earliest). This is a very crowded week, and my wife is unfortunately not able to do many things (pleasant or otherwise) in succession. Tuesday is quote a good day usually." "I do not understand your use of 'bold'! It is extraordinarily kind of you both to bother about us. We are quite unimportant people. And I do hope that I have been bold enough to address you as a colleague without title. You will please do the same to me."[1]

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