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quár or quáre is a Quenya word meaning "fist", as in a hand clenched around a tool or implement.[1][2][3]

Helge Fauskanger has suggested the Neo-Quenya form quárë.[4]


In a late manuscript, the form quár is a descendant form of Primitive Quendian kwāră, deriving from root KWAR.[1][2]

In an earlier manuscript, the form quáre is a descendant form of Primitive Quendian kwārē, deriving from root KWAR.[3]



Other versions

Tolkien seems to have rejected the form quáre, which was emended to quár.[2]

In the Etymologies appears the forms qár ("hand"; ?pl. qari), and qáre ("fist"), deriving from root KWAR ("clutching hand, fist").[5]


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