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Quenya numbers

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Quenya numbers

The Quenya Numbers were as follows:


See the quote below:

"The ordinals evidently have the ending -ya, but only the words for "first, second, third" are attested: minya (Silm:434), tatya, and nelya (originally the three clans of the Elves were simply called Minyar, Tatyar, Nelyar "Firsts, Seconds, Thirds"; cf. also Maedhros' Quenya name Nelyafinwë "Finwë third", PM:352). "Fourth" might be *cantya or perhaps rather *canya, following the pattern of nelya instead of neldya (neldë "three"), indicating that the shortest form of the stem is used to form ordinals (cf. the prefixes nel- and can- mentioned under NEL, KÁNAT - but *nelya instead of *neldya may also be due to the loss of d' before y in Noldorin Quenya). "Tenth" may be *cainenya (and hence *attacainenya "twentieth" etc). "Hundredth" is evidently *haranya, the basis of the attested noun haranyë. However, it is not clear how the ending -ya will be added to lempë, enquë, otso, tolto, nertë, minquë. One could use reduced forms of the stems and construct something like *lemya (or *lepya?) "fifth", *entya (for *encya) "sixth", *otya "seventh", *toltya, "eighth", *nertya "ninth", *mintya (for *mincya) "eleventh". Alternatively another adjectival ending, such as -a, might be employed to produce forms like *lempëa, *enquëa, *otsa (*otsëa?), *tolta (*toltëa?), *nertëa, *minquëa. We do not know."
Ardalambion, Quenya numerals

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