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Quenya numbers

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Quenya numbers

The Quenya Numbers were as follows:


  1. minya
  2. tatya > attea
  3. nelya/neldea
  4. cantea
  5. lemenya > lempea
  6. enquea
  7. otsea
  8. toldea
  9. nertea
  10. quainea


1/2:peresta, perta 1/3:nelesta, neldesta, nelta, nelsat 1/4:canasta, casta, cansat 1/5:lepesta, lepsat 1/6:enquesta 1/7:otosta, osta, otsat 1/8:tolosta, tosta, tolsat 1/9:neresta, nesta, nersat 1/10:caista, cast 1/11:minquesta 1/12:yunquesta

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