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Throughout [[The Lord of the Rings]], [[Tolkien]] represents the true language of the [[Rohirrim]] with words derived from ancient [[English]]. An example of this is 'wose', a word for a wild man that derives from British myth, an anglicisation of the name used by the Rohirrim for the [[Drúedain]] who lived in the [[Drúadan Forest]]. The actual name for the Drúedain used in Rohan was rógin, and a single [[Wose]] would have been known there as a [[róg]].
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'''''Rógin''''' (sing. '''''Róg''''') is the [[Rohirric]] word for the [[Woses]].<ref>{{UT|Druedain}}, note 14</ref>
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The name Rog refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Rog (disambiguation).

Rógin (sing. Róg) is the Rohirric word for the Woses.[1]


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