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{{DEFAULTSORT:Rath Dinen}}
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Rath Dínen was the main street that ran between to the Hallows of Minas Tirith, where the great of Gondor, Kings and Stewards alike, were laid after death.

A steep, winding pathway behind Fen Hollen, in the sixth circle of the City that led down beneath the shadow of Mindolluin to Rath Dínen.

The Street was lined with images of those who lay there. The Stewards had a House apart from the tombs of the Kings, the House of the Stewards, where Denethor perished in Third Age 3019.

When the seedling of the White Tree was found on the slopes of Mindolluin by Gandalf, the Dead Tree that had stood in the courts of Minas Tirith was laid in Rath Dínen.


Rath Dínen is a Sindarin name meaning the "Silent Street", consisting of rath ("street (in a city)") + tínen ("silent").[1][2]


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