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Remmirath, or the Netted Stars,[1] was a constellation in the skies over Arda. It is the constellation known today as Pleiades.[2][3]


Though not mentioned specifically, Remmirath's origin is likely the same to that of other constellations: it was created by Varda to signal the Elves to Valinor.[4] In the Third Age, it could be clearly seen in the Eastern sky during the autumn.[1]


Remmirath is quite accurately translated with its Westron name the Netted Stars. The word is composed of three elements: rem, "mesh", mir, "jewel", and the collective plural suffix -ath. It has been translated as "group of gems in a net" and "group of jewels caught in a net".[2] Two other names were used for Pleiades at early stages of the legendarium: Gnomish Sithaloth or Sithaloctha, which means "fly-cluster",[5] and Qenya Itselokte of similar meaning.[6]


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