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Letter to Roger Verhulst (8 April 1966)

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Roger Verhulst 8 April 1966 is a letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Roger Verhulst, written on April 8, 1966.[1]

  • Contents: Tolkien objects (and declines) to participate in the Eerdmans’ book project. The letter also mentions the Charles Williams book project and Charles Williams’ wife. Tolkien talkes about The Silmarillion, mentioning C.S. Lewis is one of the few people who has read parts of the manuscript and that the chief obstacle to its publication is the mass of Tolkien's correspondence.[2]
  • Authenticity: High
  • Publication: Quotes from the letter have been provided in Tolkien and The Silmarillion and in W.H. Auden: A Legacy.
  • Description: One page, 76 Sandfield Road, dictated by Tolkien and signed by Phyllis M. Jenkinson (Tolkien's assistant)

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