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Rosa Baggins

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Rosa Baggins
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Smials
BirthS.R. 1256
ParentagePonto Baggins
Mimosa Bunce
Physical Description

Rosa Baggins, born in S.R. 1256, was the daughter of Ponto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce, and as a Baggins is related to both Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins.

She married into the Took Family, marrying the fourth child, and third son, of Gerontius, The Old Took and Adamanta Chubb, Hildigrim Took; through her marriage with Hildigrim she is also related to Bilbo and Frodo.

Rosa's husband never became Thain, but her grandson, Paladin, and her great-grandson, Peregrin Took, both became Thain and so did their descendants. Rosa is also the great-grandmother of Meriadoc Brandybuck through her grand-daughter, Esmeralda. Rosa and Hildigrim only had one child, Adalgrim, born in 1280, who also never became Thain.

Rosa's date of death is unknown, but in an earlier revision of the Took family tree her birth and death dates were given as 1250 and 1340 respectively. From this we could assume that she died in 1346, but the only thing we can know for sure - based on the knowledge that the Old Took was the oldest recorded hobbit - is that she died before 1386.


Balbo Baggins
1167 - 1258
Berylla Boffin
1172 - unknown
The Old Took
1190 - 1320
Ponto Baggins
1216 - 1311
Mimosa Bunce
Hildigrim Took
1240 - 1341
1256 - unknown
Polo Baggins
Adalgrim Took
1280 - 1382
3 daughters
Paladin II
1333 - 1434
Esmeralda Took
1336 - unknown
3 daughters
Peregrin I
1390 - 1484+
Meriadoc Brandybuck
1382 - 1484+