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Rosa Baggins

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The daughter of Ponto Baggins and Mimosa Bunce, Rosa was thus distantly related to both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, though older than them both (she was born thirty-four years before Bilbo). She married a Took: Hildigrim, the fourth child of the old Thain Gerontius. Rosa's husband did not inherit the Thainship from his father, but it did eventually fall on her grandson Paladin, who became Thain Paladin II, and was in turn the father of Peregrin of the Fellowship of the Ring. Through Paladin's sister Esmeralda, Rosa was also the great-grandmother of Meriadoc Brandybuck. In fact, of the four Hobbits who originally set out from the Shire for Rivendell, only Sam Gamgee was not somehow related to her.