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**by Peter J. Schakel
**by Peter J. Schakel
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SEVEN: An Anglo-American Literary Review, Volume 15
PublisherMarion E. Wade Center of Wheaton College
FormatPaperback journal

SEVEN, Volume 15 is a volume of SEVEN, a scholarly journal published by the Marion E. Wade Center. This volume constitutes a special "Lewis and Barfield Centenary Issue".

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[edit] Contents

  • "In Remembrance: Owen Barfield"
    • by Christopher Mitchell
  • "Barfield's Evolution of Consciousness: How Much Did Lewis Accept?"
    • by Stephen Thorson
  • "'The Dungeon of his Soul': Lewis's Unfinished 'Quest of Bleheris'"
    • by David C. Downing
  • "Through the Wardrobe: A Famous Image Explored"
    • by Michael Ward
  • "Glints of Light: The Unpublished Short Poetry of C.S. Lewis"
    • by Don. W. King
  • Review Essay: Owen Barfield: A Reader’s Guide
    • by David Lavery
  • Review Essay: Books about C.S. Lewis: A Starting Point
    • by Peter J. Schakel