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**[[Quenya]]: ''[[malda]]'' ("gold (as metal)")
**[[Quenya]]: ''[[malda]]'' ("gold (as metal)")
**[[Kornoldorin|Old Noldorin]]: ''malda'' ("gold (as metal)")
**[[Kornoldorin|Old Noldorin]]: ''malda'' ("gold (as metal)")
***[[Noldorin]]: ''malt'' ("gold (as metal)"); ''malthen'', ''[[mallen]]'' ("of gold")
***[[Noldorin]]: ''[[malt]]'' ("gold (as metal)"); ''malthen'', ''[[mallen]]'' ("of gold")
*[[Primitive Quendian]]: ''smalu'' ("pollen, yellow powder")
*[[Primitive Quendian]]: ''smalu'' ("pollen, yellow powder")

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SMAL, is a Primitive Quendian root signifying "yellow".[1]

[edit] Derivatives[1]

  • Primitive Quendian: asmalē, asmalindē ("yellow bird, 'yellow hammer'")[note 1]
    • Quenya: ammale, ambale ("yellow bird, 'yellow hammer'")
    • Old Noldorin: ammale, ammalinde ("yellow bird, 'yellow hammer'")
      • Noldorin: e(m)melin, emlin ("yellow bird, 'yellow hammer'")

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  1. The "ē" in asmalindē also carries the diacritical mark breve, as in "ĕ". Cf. J.R.R. Tolkien, "Addenda and Corrigenda to the Etymologies — Part Two" (edited by Carl F. Hostetter and Patrick H. Wynne), in Vinyar Tengwar, Number 46, July 2004, p. 14


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