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Sadoc Brandybuck

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Sadoc Brandybuck was the son of Gormadoc Brandybuck and Malva Headstrong. He was born in T.A. 1179 but the year of his death is unknown. He was the second child born, a younger brother to Madoc and older than Marroc. Who he married is unknown but he had three children, two sons of unknown names and Slavia Brandybuck in 1226.

In the first draft of the Took Genealogy Sadoc was the founder of the Brandybuck`s. His wife were Savanna Bolger and their only child was Madoc. His birth and death years was 1175-1277.

In the second draft the genealogy changed a lot. The founder, as it is seen in the genealogy in LotR, Gorhendad appeared. Gorhendad became father of Marmaduc and Marmaduc was the father of Madoc, Sadoc and Marroc. Sadoc`s wife disappeared but he was told to have "many descendants" His death year disappeared too but his birth year became 1179 as it remained into the final genealogy.

In the third draft Sadoc`s father and his older brother Madoc changed place and thus Madoc became Sadoc`s father while Marmaduc became his brother. Sadoc`s mother was now Savanna Hogpen.

In the fourth draft, as also seen in the final genealogy in the LotR Sadoc was given two unnamed sons and the daughter Salvia instead of the previous "many descendants" His father Madoc was again moved down to become his older brother with Marmaduc as his son. Maduc, Sadoc and Marroc now became the sons of Gorhendad instead of being his grandsons. From the fourth into the final and fifth genealogy Sadoc`s father Gorhendad was replaced with Gormadoc while Gorhendad became his grandfather. Sadoc`s mother Malva Headstrong was introduced.