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Biographical Information
Other namesLabadal (hopafoot), Onefoot, Sadog
BirthY.S. c. 430
DeathY.S. 495
Physical Description
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"Give with a free hand, but give only your own."
Sador, The Children of Húrin

Sador was a bondsman and servant of the Húrin of Dor-lómin, and the childhood friend of Húrin's son Túrin.



Sador was a "house-man in the service of Húrin" who had been a woodman and somehow had accidentally severed his right foot off. The remaining part of his leg had shrunken from lack of use. One of Sador's talents was wood-working. (UT 78)


Sador worked in the outbuildings, fixing things around the house which were usually of little importance. Túrin would often help Sador by fetching materials Sador might need to spare him from walking. Sador would tell Túrin to return the gifts and taught him he shouldn't steal even if it is to give. (UT, 79) Sador enjoyed Túrin's company and would often carve for him figures of men and beasts, however Túrin enjoyed most the stories Sador told him.


sador is a Sindarin word which most likely translates to "faithful one". This is deduced from sadron if we assume these two terms share the same relation as hador and hadron. [1]


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