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This article is non-canon.
Biographical Information
BirthEarly Fourth Age
Physical Description
Saelon was one of the main characters in The New Shadow, the abandoned sequel to The Lord of the Rings.


Saelon was caught by Borlas as a kid when he was stealing an apple in Borlas' garden. Borlas' anger and description of Saelon's behaviour as doing orc's work struck in to Saelon's heart - he felt deeply agrieved and held this as a deep grudge.

Some years later, Borlas and Saelon sat in the garden across from Minas Tirith. After Borlas described the Dark Tree, it is Saelon who later mentions that there were men who have grown under the shadow in recent times and whispered the name Herumor, the possible leader of a rebellious faction in Gondor, to Borlas.