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Saeros' Fatal Leap by Ted Nasmith

Saeros (Years of the TreesFirst Age 484) was an Elf of the Nandor who went to dwell in Doriath at the court of King Thingol after the First Battle. When Túrin came to Doriath as a fosterchild five centuries later, Saeros had become a councilor to the King, and was jealous that such honor should be given to a Man.

When Túrin was seventeen, Saeros insulted him at a royal dinner, comparing the Men of Hithlum to animals. In his anger Túrin struck him with a goblet, injurying him. The next day Saeros ambushed Túrin in the woods, but was overcome. Túrin went on to strip him naked and told him to run back to Menegroth like an animal. While running in terror Saeros fell into a ravine and died. Túrin, fearing King Thingol's wrath, fled Doriath, calling himself Neithan ("The Wronged").



Saeros' name is difficult to translate, but might mean "Bitter Rain" in Sindarin (from saer = "bitter" and ross = "rain"). If "bitter" is the root word of his name, than Saeros is probably a epithet.

Other Versions of the Legendarium

In early drafts of the legendarium, Saeros was named Orgof. In the Grey Annals section of The War of the Jewels, Orguf never confronts Túrin in the woods, but is killed at the dinner party by the goblet Túrin threw at him.

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