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Sagan om Ringen (album)

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Sagan om Ringen (Swedish, "The Saga of the Rings", the title of The Lord of the Rings) is a 1972 album by Bo Hansson. It was the first Tolkien themed album to be published, by Silence Records. It quickly gained popularity in the UK, and it was published there as Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings in October 1972.

Track listing

  1. "Första Vandringen" ("Leaving the Shire")
  2. "Den Gimmla Skogen och Tom Bombadill" ("The Old Forest and Tom Bombadil")
  3. "I Skuggornas Rike" ("Fog On The Barrow-Downs")
  4. "De Svarta Ryttarna och Flykten från Vadstället" ("The Black Riders and Flight To The Ford")
  5. "I Elronds Hus och Ringen Vandrar Söderut" ("At The House Of Elrond and The Ring Goes South")
  6. "En Vandring I Mörkret" ("A Journey In The Dark")
  7. "Lothlorien"
  8. "Skuggfaxe" ("Shadowfax")
  9. "Rohans Horn och Slaget på Pelennors Slätter" ("The Horns Of Rohan and The Battle Of Pelennor Fields")
  10. "Drömmar I Läkandets Hus" ("Dreams In The House Of Healing")
  11. "Hemfärden och Fylke Rensas" ("Homeward Bound and The Scouring Of The Shire")
  12. "De Grå Hamnarna" ("The Gray Havens")


  • Bo Hansson - organs, guitar, moog, bass
  • Rune Carlsson - drums, congas
  • Gunnar Bergsten - saxophone
  • Sten Bergman - flute