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Sancho Proudfoot

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Sancho Proudfoot
Biographical Information
BirthThird Age 2990
ParentageOlo Proudfoot
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Sancho Proudfoot

Sancho Proudfoot (Third Age 2990[1]) was a Hobbit of the Shire.


At the age of eleven, Sancho was present at the Farewell Party of his uncle Bilbo, along with his father Olo and grandfather Odo.[1] The day after, on September 23, T.A. 3001, he went to Bag End to seek for a treasure he heard rumours about. Frodo could just stop him, but not after Sancho had already started excavating the pantry, where he thought he heard an echo.[2]

Portrayal in Adaptations

2002: Vivendi's The Fellowship of the Ring:

A young Hobbit named Sancho Proudfoot - or, the "dread highwayman Sancho Proudfoot ", as he prefers to call himself - causes quite some mischief in Hobbiton and Bywater. Several of the early missions the player - as Frodo - has to do involve solving problems caused by Sancho, such as retrieving a metal pin of the Hobbiton Mill and Old Noakes' medicinal herbs.[3]


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