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Sangahyando was a great-grandson of Castamir, who had usurped the throne of Gondor. After the rightful King, Eldacar, had regained his realm, Castamir's sons fled to the Haven of Umbar, where they formed a refuge and base for the enemies of Gondor. Sangahyando was one of their descendants, and with another, Angamaitë, he led a raid on Pelargir nearly two hundred years after their grandfathers had been driven from that city into exile. Their raid was a stunning success, and they succeeded in slaying Gondor's King at that time, Minardil.


The Quenya name Sangahyando literally means "Throng-cleaver" (said to be interpretable as "hewer of hostile ranks"). The first element in the name is sanga ("throng").[1]

In the first edition of The Lord of the Rings, the name was misprinted as Sangahyanda.[1]


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