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Sarch nia Chîn Húrin

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Sarch nia Chîn Húrin
General Information
Other namesBrethil
LocationBetween Teiglin and Sirion
DescriptionBrandir's anguished name for his land
People and History
EventsThe deaths of Glaurung, Niënor, and Túrin

Sarch nia Chîn Húrin, the "Grave of the Children of Húrin", was the name that Brandir the Lame cast upon the land of Brethil when he believed that both Niënor and Túrin were dead.

After the death of the dragon Glaurung his slayer Túrin wrenched his sword Gurthang from the belly of the beast. This action caused a spurt of black venomous blood to drench Túrin's hand. The pain of his burned hand and a baleful glare by the dragon caused Túrin to swoon and appear as if dead. Soon after Níniel (Niënor), still under the dragon's curse and unaware of her true name, came to the scene and bound her husband Túrin's hand. She cried for him to awake but this only aroused Glaurung one last time. He hailed her by her true name and as he died she recalled all of her past. Niënor was horrified for she carried within her womb her brother's child. Brandir witnessed the scene and cried out to Niënor, but she fled and jumped to her death at the Cabed Naeramarth. When Brandir walked back to Nen Girith where the people of Brethil cowered he spoke of the deaths of the children of Húrin and renamed the land, stating that it would never be free of grief.[1]


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