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In [[Quenya]], the name of the creature is ''lingwilóke''<ref name=Ety/> ([[Sindarin]], ''lhimlug'').<ref>[ Sindarin dictionary] at [ Hiswelokë] (accessed 20 November 2010)</ref>
In [[Quenya]], the name of the creature is ''lingwilóke''<ref name=Ety/> ([[Sindarin]], ''lhimlug'').<ref>[ Sindarin dictionary] at [ Hiswelokë] (accessed 20 November 2010)</ref>
==Portrayal in adaptations==
[[Image:Water Drakes.png|thumb|Water Drake in ''[[Middle-earth Role Playing|MERP]]'', by Kent Burles]]
'''1982-97: ''[[Middle-earth Role Playing]]'':'''
: Water Drakes, or Water Serpents, are drakes who have adapted to a life in freshwater pools or in the ocean. The smaller varieties, who only live in fresh-water, are called Rain-drakes (or Lake-worms), while the larger (who prey in all types of water) are called True Water-drakes or Sea Serpents.<ref>{{ICE|2012}}, pp. 116-117</ref> An individual Water-drake, ''Séahmatha'' (meaning "Lake Serpent" in the tongue of the Northmen), inhabits the Long Lake.<ref>{{ICE|2016}}, pp. 121-128</ref>
'''1995-8: ''[[Middle-earth Collectible Card Game]]'':'''
:"Sea Serpent" and "Rain-drake" are creatures of the Drake-kind. A unique dragon of the water is Eärcaraxë, which may be played keyed to coastal regions and sites.
==See also==
==See also==

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"a complete consistency [...] is not to be looked for, and could only be achieved, if at all, at heavy and needless cost." — Christopher Tolkien
This article's canonicity is disputed.
"There are many monsters in the Sea..."
J.R.R. Tolkien[1]

Sea-serpents, also called fish-dragons, were a breed of dragons only mentioned fleetingly in Elvish linguistic writings.[2] No story tells of their appearance in the history of Arda.



In Quenya, the name of the creature is lingwilóke[2] (Sindarin, lhimlug).[3]

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