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Second Age 1701

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* [[Sauron]] is driven out of [[Eriador]]
* [[Sauron]] is driven out of [[Eriador]],<ref name="SA">{{App|SA}}</ref> narrowly escaping to [[Mordor]] with but a bodyguard.<ref name="Concerning">{{UT|Concerning}}</ref>
* The [[Westlands]] have peace for a long while
* The first [[White Council]] is held. It is decided to establish the Elvish stronghold in eastern [[Eriador]] at [[Imladris]] rather than in [[Eregion]].<ref name="Concerning"/>
* [[Gil-galad]] gives [[Vilya]] to [[Elrond]].<ref name="Concerning"/>
* The [[Westlands]] have peace for a long while.<ref name="SA"/>
* [[The Lord of the Rings]], [[The Return of the King]], [[Appendix B]]
[[Category:Second Age years|1, Second Age 1701]]
[[Category:Second Age years]]

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