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Second Age 2221

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* [[Tar-Atanamir]] dies, his son [[Tar-Ancalimon]] takes the Sceptre of [[Númenor]].  
* Death of [[Tar-Atanamir]], who is called the "Unwilling" for he was the first [[Kings of Númenor|King]] who refused to lay down his life or surrender the [[Sceptre of Númenor|Sceptre]] before death.<ref name="Atanamir">{{UT|Kings}}, entry XIII ''Tar-Atanamir''</ref>
* Tensions in Númenor begin to rise between the ''[[Faithful|Elendili]]'' and the ''[[King's Men|Arandili]]''.  
* [[Tar-Ancalimon]], son of Tar-Atanamir, takes the Sceptre.<ref name="Atanamir"/>
* Tensions in [[Númenor]] begin to rise between the ''[[Faithful|Elendili]]'' and the ''[[King's Men|Arandili]]''.<ref name="Atanamir"/>
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