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Second Age 600

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* The first [[ships]] of the [[Númenoreans]] appear off the coasts
* The first [[ships]] of the [[Númenóreans]] begin to appear on the coasts of [[Middle-earth]]: [[Entulessë]], a ship headed by [[Vëantur]], [[Captain of the King's Ships]], arrives in [[Grey Havens|Mithlond]] where the Númenóreans are welcomed by [[Gil-galad]].<ref name="B1">{{App|B1}}, entry "600"</ref><ref name="Island">{{UT|Island}}</ref>
* A meeting takes place at [[Tower Hills]] between the [[Númenóreans]] and the [[Men]] of [[Eriador]]; the two groups recognise their common heritage.<ref name="Aldarion">{{UT|Aldarion}}, note 3</ref>
* [[The Lord of the Rings]], [[The Return of the King]], [[Appendix B]]
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[[Category:Second Age years]]

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