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Siege of Angband

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The '''Siege of Angband''' was the leaguer of the [[Ñoldor]] around the fortress of [[Morgoth]] in the early centuries of the First Age, which began following the [[Dagor Aglareb]]. [[Fingolfin]] and [[Fingon]] kept watch from [[Hithlum]], [[Finrod Felagund|Finrod]] and then [[Orodreth of Nargothrond|Orodreth]] from [[Tol Sirion]], [[Angrod]] and [[Aegnor]] from [[Dorthonion]], and the [[Sons of Fëanor]] watched the east.
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The siege was incomplete, as Morgoth was still capable of sending out various forces of orcs to harass the elves. The Noldor were grown strong enough, however, that these task forces posed no significant threat. However, the Noldor and their allies possessed insufficient force to assault Angband directly. After about four hundred years, the Siege was broken in the [[Dagor Bragollach]].
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