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Siege of Utumno

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Siege of Utumno
Conflict: War for Sake of the Elves
Date: VY 1092
Place: Utumno, North of Aman
Outcome: Decisive victory for Valarian forces

Valar and Maiar of Valinor

Forces of Morgoth


FirstdawnoftheSun Taniquetil cropped-TNasmith.jpg Oromë



Valarian forces of Aman

Balrogs, Orcs, creatures of Morgoth


Unknown, probably light

Near total

The Siege of Utumno was a great battle between Morgoth and the Valar. Eventually Utumno was captured and leveled, and Morgoth was taken to the Halls of Mandos in chains.