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Skorgrím Dourhand

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Skorgrím Dourhand is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Skorgrím Dourhand
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Skorgrím Dourhand is a Dwarf of the Dourhand clan created specifically for The Lord of the Rings Online.


Skorgrím Dourhand is descended from ancient dwarf-lords who ruled one of the great kingdoms of the Blue Mountains, a realm that has long since fallen into ruin. His people became scattered and declined in number, but poverty and dishonour bred within them a great greed and lust for power. When the Elves of Mithlond founded the refuge of Edhelion, in the Blue Mountains, Skorgrím sought to rob them of their relics and treasures. He rallied the remnants of his people and laid siege to Edhelion. Worse yet, he had paid Goblins and Trolls to assist him, something of which no honourable Dwarf would conceive. His evil ways brought him to ruin, though Edhelion was also lost.[1]


Six hundred years later, a Gaunt-lord, a vile necromancer from the First Age, summoned a fell spirit which entered the preserved corpse of Skorgrím and raised it as a wight. The dark realm of Angmar used this creature to turn the Dourhands entirely to evil, leading them to believe that the creature was indeed Skorgrím reborn, to lead them to wealth and glory. Now the Dourhands serve Angmar, under the rule of the creature they know as Skorgrím.[2]


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