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Snaga (orc of Mordor)

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An orc, addressed as Snaga, was part of the garrison of the Tower of Cirith Ungol. He was one of the few survivors of the Battle of Cirith Ungol on March 14, T.A. 3019. Snaga first comes into the story when he encounters what he thinks is the "Great Elf-warrior" on the stairs. He flees. Snaga was then ordered by Shagrat to send word to Sauron that they captured a Halfling. Snaga refused, and after a short chase, makes his way to the top of the tower. There, he lashed the prisoner, Frodo Baggins, with a whip. He was quickly overcome by Samwise Gamgee, and fell through the trap door to his death.

Portrayal in adaptations

In the 1981 radio series, Snaga was voiced by Gordon Reid.

In Rankin/Bass' The Return of the King, two Orcs appear in the role of Snaga, though none are called or credited as such. Sam encounters one on the stairs, who runs, trips and falls to his doom. A second orc is lashing Frodo. After a short fight, he too falls to his doom.

SNAGA Snaga, translated as "slave" in the Appendixes, is not a personal name but a term used by Uruks to describe lesser orcs. Peter Jackson, in his acclaimed The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, however, uses the term as a character name for one of the film's orcs -- picked up again by many of the franchise's toy and collectibles manufacturers, such as leading 3-D entertainment model producer Gentle Giant Studios, Inc. (headquartered in Burbank, CA), which in May 2008 released a highly exclusive sculpted Snaga bust, limited to only 1500 pieces. SNAGA BUST - Gentle Giant Studios

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