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The Stair of the Hold was the name of the steep road that led from the deep valley of Harrowdale up to the refuge of Dunharrow. The road looped several times in tight switchbacks upwards for hundreds of feet and gave it the appearance of an ascending stair, hence the name. The loops also gave any defenders protection from any enemy, except from above. At each turn in the road were large standing stone carved to resemble squatting men with stumpy arms and fat bellies. These ancient statues were called the Púkel-men by the Rohirrim.[1]


The construction of the Stair of the Hold occurred in the Dark Years, performed by long-forgotten men.

The first men of Rohan to climb the Stair of the Hold were King Brego and his son Baldor.[1] Brego returned in T.A. 2569 to attempt the Paths of the Dead and never returned.[2]

Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and the Grey Company ascended the Stair of the Hold on 7 March T.A. 3019 but did not descend, taking instead the Paths of the Dead. Théoden and his riders (with Merry) went up the road on 9 March and rode down on the 10th.[3]


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