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Stirrings in the Darkness

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Stirrings in the Darkness is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Shadows of Angmar books
(Bree-landEred Luin)


Book I: Stirrings in the Darkness
Book II: The Red Maid
Book III: The Council of the North
Book IV: Chasing Shadows
Book V: The Last Refuge
Book VI: Fires in the North
Book VII: The Hidden Hope
Book VIII: The Scourge of the North
Book IX: Shores of Evendim
Book X: The City of Kings
Book XI: Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Book XII: The Ashen Wastes
Book XIII: Doom of the Last-King
Book XIV: The Ring-forges of Eregion
Book XV: Daughter of Strife
Epilogue: Laerdan's Parcel

Stirrings in the Darkness is the first book of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.



Foreword: An Unwanted Guest

The player finds Barliman Butterbur at The Prancing Pony. He informs that the person the player is looking for is staying at the inn. Butterbur is nervous about him staying at his inn, but he can't turn down good money. He whispers that the man goes by the name Strider and that he is a Ranger. He gives the player directions to his room.

Chapter 1: Unravelling the Thread

Strider tells the player that they need to unravel the threads of the plans of the Captain of the Nine. There is a Blackwold camp just east of Bree where he beleives that Amdir, a ranger whose alligance changed to Angmar, and Skorgrím, leader of the Dourhand, went. He wishes for the player to help him and his company end Amdir's life at night fall.

At the camp Strider and the ranger Lenglinn circle around the camp while the player and the ranger Torthann attack the camp from the front. After defeating the brigands Torthann and the player encounters Skorgrím. After driving the dwarf out of the camp the party is reunited with Strider and Lenglinn. Togther they make their way deeper into the camp where they witness a Nazgûl changing Amdir into a wraith. The party manages to scare the Nazgûl away and then slay Amdir before the transformation could be completed.

Chapter 2: To a Constable's Aid

Chapter 3: Blackwolds Broken

Chapter 4: Dark Designs

Chapter 5: The Other Riders

Chapter 6: In the Black Riders' Wake

Chapter 7: Horn-call of Buckland

Chapter 8: Master of the Wood

Chapter 9: Lilies for the River-daughter

Chapter 10: Into the Barrow-downs

Chapter 11: Othrongroth

Chapter 12: The Black Rider's Designs