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Surprise Attack on Umbar

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The Surprise Attack on Umbar was a battle that took place during the late Third Age.

Leading Up to the Battle

During the reign of Ecthelion II, Steward of Gondor the realm Umbar was a mighty seafaring threat to the Southern Fiefs of Gondor. The Corsairs attacked trade ships, fishing vessels, and Gondorian Navy ships, and soon possibly the Gondorian coast. The Steward's most trusted council was a man the people called Thorongil (IE Aragorn son of Arathorn). He was very worried about what they Corsairs could do to the coasts, and voiced his worries often to Ecthelion. Finally Ecthelion gave Thorongil permission to take out this threat. Thorongil's plan was to take a small fleet of ships by night into the Havens of Umbar and by surprise destroy as many of the unmanned ships as possible.

the Attack

When all was prepared Thorongil lead his small group of ships into the Gulf of Umbar to the Havens, and caught unprepared and unaware, burned and destroyed many of their largest vessels. Also during the battle Thorongil killed the Captain of Umbar on the quays.


Thanks to tthe brilliance of Thorongil, the threat of Umbar was severally depleted many of their best ships were destroyed along many of their Me. With little damage done to the Gondorian Navy.