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{{quote|The Men of Gondor call [[Pipe-weed|it]] '''sweet galenas''', and esteem it only for the fragrance of its flowers.|Concerning Pipe-weed, [[The Lord of the Rings]]}}
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'''Sweet Galenas''' were one of many names for the plant known to the [[Hobbits]] as [[Pipe-weed]], the source of the Leaf they smoked in their pipes. Though the art of pipe-smoking belonged to the Hobbits and the [[Bree-landers|Bree-folk]], the plant itself came originally from [[Gondor]] in the warmer South. It was brought there from [[Númenor]] and from them acquired its common Gondorian name, [[Westmansweed]]. The more noble ([[Sindarin]]) name was '''galenas'''. The word ''galenas'' comes from an earlier form ''galanes'', meaning "sweet smelling growth".

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