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Sweet Galenas

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"The Men of Gondor call it sweet galenas, and esteem it only for the fragrance of its flowers."
― Concerning Pipe-weed, The Lord of the Rings

One of many names for the plant known to the Hobbits as Pipe-weed, the source of the Leaf they smoked in their pipes. Though the 'art' of pipe-smoking belonged to the Hobbits, the plant itself came originally from Gondor in the warm south.

It was brought there by the ancestors of the Gondorians, the Númenóreans, from their island home in the west, and from them acquired its common Gondorian name, westmansweed. Its more noble name in that region, however, was galenas or, in full, sweet galenas. This comes from galen, the Elvish word for 'green': indeed, in the earliest drafts of The Lord of the Rings it is actually referred to as 'green' galenas.