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'''Publisher:''' Random House Publishing Group <br />
'''Publisher:''' Random House Publishing Group <br />
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Cover of Tales Before Tolkien

"For those interested in J.R.R. Tolkien's sources comes Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy, edited by Douglas A. Anderson (The Annotated Hobbit), which collects 22 classic stories by such masters as George Macdonald, Andrew Lang, Lord Dunsany and James Branch Cabell. Arthur Machen aficionados will especially appreciate "The Coming of the Terror" (an abridgement of his short novel The Terror), hitherto unreprinted since its initial magazine appearance in 1917. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information."

--Publishers Weekly

ISBN 0345458567
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 517pp
Pub. Date: November 2005
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group