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Aragorn (or better Elessar) died in IV 120; thus IV 172 would be under Eldarion (do we know for certain that he lived in IV 172? From The New Shadow perhaps? --Tik 09:12, 5 March 2013 (UTC)

The story "The New Shadow" (from The Peoples of Middle-earth) opens with the words, "This tale begins in the days of Eldarion, son of that Elessar whom the histories have much to tell. One hundred and five years had passed since the fall of the Dark Tower...". In footnote 7 of the story Christopher Tolkien lists the various dates his father had written for the dating of this story: less than 120 years later, nearly 110 years later, about 100 years later, and 105 years later. Nothing in this unfinished tale says that Eldarion dies. Since Eldarion's father lived to 190 (T.A. 2931 to T.A. 3121 or Fo.A. 120) and his mother had lived for thousands of years it would be expected that Eldarion, born no earlier than T.A. 3021, would still be alive in Fo.A. 172 when he would be at most 171 years old. However, there is no known statement of the date of Eldarion's death so it could only be said that Findegil, the King's Writer, completed his work presumably during Eldarion's reign. --Gamling 19:58, 5 March 2013 (UTC)