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| realm=[[Númenor]]
| realm=[[Númenor]]
| affiliation=[[King's Men]]
| affiliation=[[King's Men]]
| language=[[Adûnaic]] and [[Quenya]]
| language=[[Adûnaic]], [[Sindarin]] and [[Quenya]]
| birth={{SA|2406}}
| birth={{SA|2406}}
| birthlocation=
| birthlocation=

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Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Númenor
AffiliationKing's Men
LanguageAdûnaic, Sindarin and Quenya
BirthS.A. 2406
RuleS.A. 2637 - 2737 (de jure)
S.A. 2657 - 2737 (de facto)
DeathS.A. 2737 (aged 331)
HouseHouse of Elros
ParentageTar-Vanimeldë and Herucalmo
Physical Description
Tar-Alcarin was the seventeenth King of Númenor. His name means "the Glorious".

His parents were the Ruling Queen, Tar-Vanimeldë, and her husband, Herucalmo. Tar-Alcarin should have succeeded his mother upon her death, but Herucalmo usurped the Sceptre as Tar-Anducal. He ruled the Kingdom illegally for twenty years before he died, at which time Tar-Alcarin became the rightful King. Tar-Alcarin then removed his father from the Royal Line so he would never be recorded as a King of Númenor.

Despite the troubled beginning, Tar-Alcarin's reign was a peaceful one in Númenor. In Middle-earth, however, Sauron again ruled the lands. After his death, he was succeeded by his son Tar-Calmacil.


Preceded by:
Tar-Anducal (de facto)
17th King of Númenor
II 2657 – 2737
Followed by: