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Tar-Alcarin (Second Age 2406 – 2737, aged 331 years) was the seventeenth King of Númenor, ruling for 80 years, from Second Age 2657 until his death. His name means "Glorious".

His parents were the Ruling Queen, Tar-Vanimeldë, and her husband, Herucalmo. Tar-Alcarin should have succeeded his mother upon her death, but Herucalmo usurped the Sceptre as Tar-Anducal. He ruled the Kingdom illegally for twenty years before he died, at which time Tar-Alcarin became the rightful King. Tar-Alcarin then removed his father from the Royal Line so he would never be recorded as a King of Númenor.

Despite the troubled beginning, Tar-Alcarin's reign was a peaceful one in Númenor. In Middle-earth, however, Sauron again ruled the lands. After his death, he was succeeded by his son, Tar-Calmacil, better known as Ar-Belzagar.

Preceded by:
17th King of Númenor
II 2657 – 2737
Followed by: